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MathTool (English)

MathTool is a computer algebra system, which focuses mainly on real analysis and linear algebra. For instance, MathTool is able to perform the following operations:

  • Simplifying and computing mathematical expressions.
  • Computation of various operators such as differentiation and integration.
  • Solving equations and systems of equations, algebraically and numerically.
  • Solving differential equations, algebraically and numerically.
  • Plot two and three dimensional graphs as well as plane and spatial curves.
  • Computation of matrix operations and solving various problems from linear algebra.

How to run the MathTool application:

  • Installation of Java Runtime Environment: To run the the MathTool application you must install the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) on your operating system. If JRE is not installed on your operating system, you can download it here.
  • Download: To download the MathTool application (version 1.3.4), click here:

  • Run MathTool: To run the MathTool application, unzip the file, open the folder and run the MathTool.jar file.
  • Manual: A manual for MathTool you can download here.
  • Tutorials: Tutorials for different topics in MathTool can be found under Tutorials (only German).

MathTool is an open source project and its source code can be found following one of the two following links (BitBucket and GitHub):

And here you see some screenshots made during working with MathTool:

MathTool Advert 01 MathTool Advert 02 MathTool Advert 03 MathTool Advert 04 MathTool Advert 12 MathTool Advert 13


If you find some bugs or some wrong results, or if you simply have any suggestions to improve MathTool, don’t hesitate to contact me under kovalenko@arcor.de. I look forward to any idea or suggestion!